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Event History

During the early 90’s it was becoming evident; farming was in decline, local businesses were struggling and there was an exodus of people from the bush. In 1994, the Shire of Kulin instigated a community meeting, aptly named “Getting Kulin Going”. Amongst other initiatives adopted by the Kulin community, a small group of enthusiastic locals established the idea to host a picnic bush horse race meeting with the aim to raise the profile of Kulin.

The Kulin Bush Races was started by the community of Kulin in 1995 to promote the town and region, encourage tourism and ensure that Kulin and surrounding districts remain viable. 

Our Committee

The Kulin Bush Races committee comprises a broad cross section of the Kulin community including farmers, teachers, bankers, clerical staff and business owners. The committee coordinates the entire Bush Races event in a volunteer capacity with the assistance of over 250 volunteers from Kulin and beyond.

Some of the skill set include: construction, electrical, plumbing, architecture, banking, design, catering, clerical, accountancy IT and heavy machinery drivers. The valuable skills combined with volunteers donating their time and often the generous use of machinery and equipment has proved to be the catalyst for the success of the event.

Our Amazing Volunteers

The Kulin Bush Races event would not be possible without the commitment of over 250 volunteers from Kulin and beyond. The committee appreciates the commitment of the volunteers to make the event successful.

From the commencement of Kulin Bush Races, children have attended busy bees with their parents, enjoying the interaction with friends and people of all age groups. Some of these children have now accepted roles as Directors and Coordinators of various facets of the Bush Races. Working together through the years has already been beneficial and will ensure community commitment into the future. 

The level of volunteerism at Kulin Bush Races has given the Kulin community the skills and confidence to host numerous other events. Volunteerism has further developed over the years, from the last census; Kulin community has one of the highest percentages of volunteers in Australia.

Our Partners & Sponsors

Since 1995, the support from our sponsors has underpinned the success of the Kulin Bush Races.

Sponsors enable the not-for-profit organisation and its volunteers to produce a spectacular race day and a fun-filled weekend for all ages.

The funds raised by Kulin Bush Races makes a considerable difference to the community.

More than a million dollars has been injected into infrastructure and projects to ensure Kulin remains a vibrant and sustainable community.


Kulin Bush Races has created a legacy of donating money to various organisations, a testament which is highlighted in The Giving Trail located in the Visitor Discovery Zone in Kulin. The Kulin Bush Races Inc is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, distributing all the proceeds generated from the event back into the community. Some funds are also distributed to  communities and external organisations that have a direct link to Kulin.