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The Volunteer Experience

KBR VOLUNTEERS- Straight from the Horse’s mouth!!

In 2017 we asked the KBR volunteers a few questions to get to know them better! We wanted to know why they volunteer, what they do, what they love about KBR and some of their best memories… Here are a few quotes…

“Knowing that the work I do is for the THOUSANDS of people that get to enjoy my town & my community” Abbey Noble age 14

My best memory will I think always be relaxing after the very first event by dancing in the dust, under the stars at the base of the rock to the music of ‘Magnificent Seven’! All of OUR hard work and our crazy idea had worked” Wendy Gangell

“The feeling that I am CONTRIBUTING to my community, but I love seeing the enjoyment of the people that attend.” Simone Lockyer

“The fact that everyone from the COMMUNITY is doing something, it makes you want to feel part of something!” Tenille Harrington

“We as a community certainly know how to put on an event – and I am always PROUD to be a small part of the big picture.” Jill Brewis

“It helps me to also feel more CONNECTED to the community and I love seeing others benefiting from the Event.” Janna Lockyer

“I volunteer because I like the feeling of COMRADERY and being part of a team that invest in our community. I love meeting new people and catching up with old friends, and I love that anyone can be volunteer it doesn’t matter who you are, what your age or where you’re from.” Edwina Bradford

“I love that everybody puts personal interests aside to produce a WONDERFUL weekend that promotes our region.” Rynelle Smoker

“I love seeing the smiles on all the visitor’s faces from having a GOOD TIME. After everyone works hard they get to relax and hang out and chat.” Ava Bennier age 11

“Great MEMORIES for me were working with a great Kulin team, working with friends that came to help with the Gymkhana and riding with my son.” Geoff Brown

“Kulin is such a special place in large part due to the community spirit and willingness for people to pitch in and get involved, that SPIRIT is infectious. It is also a great way to meet people in the community who you may not normally get to interact with on a regular basis.” Nick Grant

“I love the sense of FULFILMENT that I get from helping to run such an awesome event. Certainly the best bit is the interaction with my fellow community members and the acceptance within.” Tom Murphy

“We were in the early years very much involved, & really we were absolutely exhausted by the end of the weekend, but we so ENJOY the company of other community members we rock up again the next year & do it all over again.” Kerry Riseborough

“I got involved initially with bush races because of where I worked and stayed volunteering because the Kulin community made me feel WELCOME and this was a way I could give back to the community.” Rob Doust

“It’s FUN socialising with other members of the town. And doing that little bit helps the Kulin community a lot.” Ashlee & Jarrad West

“Every year seeing the KBR event unfold is simply amazing, the buzz, the visitors and the locals are AWESOME!!” Sharyn McAdam

“The Kulin Community has created and nourished a unique event that is the envy of other towns.” “The combination of a forward thinking Shire, the Freebairn legacy, Kulin Community Bank, and the Kulin Bush Races contributions have made Kulin a very comfortable wheatbelt town. The best in my opinion but I’m biased.” “the Kulin Community volunteer rate was the highest by a substantial margin in WA and rated third across Australia in the last census. KULIN – HARNESSING THE POWER OF PASSIONATE PEOPLE.” Graeme Robertson


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