Live Music Lights Up The Night

Live Music Lights Up The Night

2017 saw the Bush Races take their entertainment to a new level with the first year of putting on a Headline Act.

Eskimo Joe put on an awesome show for the record crowd as the full moon rose over the lake and straight after our magnificent fireworks display lit up the night sky. As the crowd bobbed and weaved the boys mixed it up with some slower songs and then rocked out with some of their more up tempo tunes and the patrons lapped up every minute.

Matt Hough kicked off the Saturday night festivities with a brilliant acoustic set which got everybody in the mood and it rolled on from there, once Eskimo Joe finished their encore much to the delight of the heaving crowd Blue Gene finished out the night and rocked the stage into the wee hours of the night.

Friday night in the Marquee set the scene with mini tin horse auction and race getting the volume turned up and Tom & Russell putting on a sensational performance for the record crowds including a version of twinkle twinkle little star for all the kids in the audience who’s parents no doubt after a huge day would have appreciated the help in getting the young ones into sleep mode.

Thank you to all our performers, our Entertainment Director who scheduled and co-ordinated it all and the sensational band of volunteers who assisted in making it happen. It truly was a special night.

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