How Bush Races was started

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How Bush Races was started

The year was 1995, country towns were in a depressed state and there were many businesses closing down throughout the wheatbelt. It was either let the decline continue or take a chance on the outcome and attempt to change our destiny.

The Kulin Shire convened a community forum facilitated by the one and only Peter Kenyon and the drive to reinvigorate our community commenced.

It was deemed important to raise Kulin’s profile, create an event or major identifying brand that would enhance our status as a progressive region. From this the KULIN BUSH RACES was born.

Starting out with an empty bank account, the committee funded the finances necessary to “kick off” preparations with a guarantee from the shire underwriting the event in case the concept didn’t take off. The guarantee was never called on and 24 years later following significant investment in the Jilakin Racecourse, Kulin has a hard earned and well established identity as a vibrant, progressive and established community.

Evolving committee structure to provide for future development, Kulin’s iconic event is set to continue long into the future. An influx of young “movers & shakers” are now the driving force to ensure the longevity of this “Great Weekend in the Wheatbelt”.

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