Kulin Bush Races

Tin Horse Competition

About The Competition

Every October, Kulin Bush Races holds a Tin Horse Competition with judging on race day. This has helped keep our Tin Horse Highway grow and adds another element to race day. 

Generous prize money is offered, but the thrill of having a horse displayed on the Tin Horse Highway is a major draw card for entrants.

Generous Prize Money

Seen by 1000's of Vistors

FREE to Enter!

Join The Competition

Make a tin horse in time for the Kulin Bush Races and you could be in the running for a share of generous prize money.

We are always on the lookout for new tin horses, so if you have an idea, we encourage you wherever you may live, to enter our Tin Horse Highway Competition.

We are always happy to assist if you wish to get involved, whether it be ideas, design materials or how and when to get your horse idea onto the highway.

Contact the competition coordinator Wendy Gangell on 0429805224  or wendy@agsolutionswa.com.au .

We are looking forward to your entry – good luck!

About The Tin Horse Highway

It all began when a horse made from an old 44 gallon drum was placed on the dam bank at the corner of Jilakin Rock North Road. 

From there, it grew into a friendly rivalry between locals to produce fun horses, made from scrap metal and metal drums, that are placed on the roadside.

The iconic Tin Horse Highway is much more than metal and has become a well- known tourist attraction by visitors from all over Australia. 


The entries are judged on originality of design as well as workmanship and its long lasting qualities. Horses should be built to the following specifications:

  • Constructed from materials suitable to be displayed outdoors for several years.
  • Engineered to withstand extreme outdoor conditions including strong winds and severe storm events.
  • Of a suitable size to be displayed on roadside and visible from passing vehicles.
  • To an aesthetically pleasing state.

And a couple more rules…

  • Horses will remain the property of the Kulin Bush Races committee and will be displayed at their discretion
  • Horses will be on display at the Kulin Bush Races.
  • Winners will be announced after the running of the Kulin Cup on race day.
  • All horses must be nominated by August 31st